How do I enter the bitcoin giveaway?

Automatically enter the $1500 Bitcoin giveaway every month!

Intertradeclub holds a giveaway every month and every week. It's not difficult to do that. We explain everything about all the special giveaways.
If you are the winner, we always check your Bitcoin wallet address to prevent Bitcoin from being sent to a non-existent wallet. We never ask you for login details or money! The email always comes from

Only people who signed up via have a chance to win 1500$ Bitcoin.


$1500 Bitcoin Giveaway for Traders (Lifetime Chance)

With this giveaway, a new winner is chosen every month who has created an account with a crypto exchange via intertradeclub and traded in the same month.

Every month we give away $1500 to a trader who has created an account with an exchange through us. If you participate in this exclusive giveaway, you do not have a 1-time chance to win this prize, but you can participate every month (You automatically participate every month). If you have made more than 3 trades in the same month, your participation will automatically be entered in the giveaway of the same month. This way you don't have to fill in a form every time. Follow the 3 steps listed below to participate in this promotion. You can choose to participate for 1 year or for the rest of your life.



1.) Create an account with a crypto exchange via the button below.

2.) Fill in the form below.

3.) Start trading. If you have made 3 trades in 1 month you will participate in the same month. The more trading volume you make in this month. the more chance you have of winning the prize



Share a page of with your friends for a chance to win $200 in Bitcoin!


$200 Bitcoin Share Link Giveaway (Weekly Giveaway)

If you share a page from our site with your friends via Facebook, Instagram story, Discord server, Website etc, you can also win $200 in bitcoin. There is a new winner every week in this giveaway. To participate, all you have to do is share a link and fill out the form below.

Every page of intertrade club counts.