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Crypto currency is the most traded. Even more like forex. With crypto, there is more volume in the 24 hours. Why? Crypto currency is easier to trade. Due to its volatility, crypto is most relevant to traders Click the green button and find the best crypto exchanges and have a chance to win the number 1 crypto giveaways

There are many different cryptocurrencies. So there is always a good trade to be found. Most people traded Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

Best stock brokers

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What else is there to trade besides cryptocurrency? Usually stocks are bought as an investment. But that is also possible with a cryptocurrency. But just like with crypto coins, it is still a good opportunity to trade on the shares. A disadvantage of stock trading is that the fees are more expensive. Are the fees at crypto exchanges lower than at stocks? Yes, that is why stock trading for swing trading is recommended, but day trading or scalping is best with bitcoin or other currency. Still interested in stock trading in 2022? Then click the green button on the right to find the best and cheapest broker.

Forex Exchanges for Beginners

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Starting with forex trading> Forex is next to crypto the best way to make money trading. But forex is more intended for experienced people. Still, for forex beginners we have compared a few exchanges and the best are on this page. Click the button to find them. The indicated forex brokers are also stocks to trade. Are you an experienced forex trader? then this is not what you are looking for. But you can still look.

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Need help with trading or other matters related to investing or trading? Find our free 24/7 crypto help on this page. If you can't find your question, you can also ask the community. This way you can get help from experienced traders and investors. Thanks to our forum you will always receive an answer within 24 hours from someone who can help you. You can also ask the intertrade club for help. Click the green button for more info.

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Would you like to learn how to trade and don't know how? Find here all important information for traders and to learn how to trade in crypto, forex and stocks. This information is suitable for every scalp and day trader. Thanks to our valuable knowledge, we can help you with all your questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always ask our professional traders. Our traders mainly traded the crypto currency bitcoin. But they can also help with other questions. Before contacting us, we recommend that you read our blogs first.

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Join the discussions about trading, crypto, stocks or other matters. You can contact us 24/7 with all your questions and get help from experts or members of our forum. You can also ask all your questions here. Usually you will get an answer in a few hours. click the green button to go to the number 1 trading forum.

Learn to trade for free, join discussions, help other traders and ask your questions.

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What is trading? and what are we for?

a professional trader and you can make it your job.  Or maybe you too will become a millionaire trader in Crypto. We have listed the best resources to get you started with learning.  We hold fun giveaways and if you are new you can participate in an exclusive giveaway.  If you participate, you have a chance to win $1500 in crypto every month.  And every month for life.  You can trade in the crypto market, forex market and the stock market. if you have any questions, click here to ask the community through our trading forum.  Would you like to ask us a question?  Then you can also click here.  Intertradeclub can help you 24/7 with the best trading information and have the best tips for 2022 ready for you.  Keep in mind that trading involves risks.  That is why we recommend starting with a small amount.  And to delve into levradge trading.
Trading and taxes and the risk of trading is important to consider with your choice. cheap exchanges find you here and free trading info for 2022 is here 

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Our knowledge of financial markets

We have been active in the trade for several years. (about 19 years) After 7 years we could live on our trade profit. Back then it was still forex. But now there is much more to trade. Consider, for example, Bitcoin.

And we also want to give you the feeling of a successful trader. You may also become a free person by trading. It's a matter of doing and learning and a lot of patience.

And every day we can enjoy a rising and falling market. Because there is money to be made in both markets. And that is why it is always possible to trade. We can live from trading. But we know that trading has been popular lately. Especially in the crypto market. To motivate you we have bitcoin giveaway related to trading to make sure you don't give up. Because trading can also be tough. In addition to our giveaways, you can contact us with all your questions. We have written everything you need in our number 1 free crypto course. But if you did not find what you were looking for, you can contact us here and we will gladly help you.